Life Coaching

for Classical Musicians

with a Classical Musician

What is the Music of You?

That is the invitation...

Eva Cappelletti Chao
Professional Violinist & Certified Life Coach

For Classical Musicians,

it can be difficult to find support or guidance when it’s needed. 

It’s rare to find someone who personally understands the 

multifaceted challenges of our life’s work.

As a Professional Violinist & Certified Life Coach,

I am someone who both intimately understands the challenges
that those in the Performing Arts face, and has the training, the perspective,
and the skills to help.

Serving clients internationally with confidential 1-on-1 coaching sessions
and group facilitations, I support you by giving you space
to voice your experience, find perspective, and
be guided to your own answers;
empowering you to move forward with clarity, integrity and purpose.

Different than the scope of peak performance coaches, 
my holistic approach supports the WHOLE LIFE of the artist,
on stage & off.

Working Together

The beauty of Life Coaching is that its intended goal is ACTION.

Empowering you to engage in new ways

through clarity from your own insights.

What does working with a Life Coach look like? 

My name is Eva Cappelletti Chao
I have been a professional violinist for over 30 years and I am a Certified Life Coach.

My people to serve – Classical Musicians and those in the Performing Arts.
Why?  Because we GET each other. 
We speak the language of the truths that only people behind the curtain understand.

As a Professional Violinist:

As a Certified Life Coach:

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Free Tools

Whether you work with me or go it alone, I want for all musicians to have access to tools that I offer for free to support themselves.  

It is my passion to listen for the MUSIC OF YOU ~
and to help you connect with it.

It is your Life Force.

Connected with it, you are an artist who is FULLY LIVING ~
and that allows our whole community to thrive!


© 2020 The Music of You &
Classical Coaching with Eva

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I teach people to become a safe place for themselves ~
to quiet the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. 

I guide people to listen within ~
and support them to daily move in new ways connected with their own volition. 

I give people the tools to transform their whole way of understanding the world ~
and themselves.

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This Pandemic paradigm shift is a tipping point of change for our entire field of the Performing Arts.

Everyone in the Performing Arts are creators of an experience.

What each of us do to support ourselves to live in integrity with our core values
matters towards the reality that we will create in this new paradigm.