Classical Conversations

You speak. We listen.


Our community thrives.​

Old structures have to fall apart

in order for the NEW opportunities to arrive.

Dear fellow musicians

We can CREATE how we want to engage within

and emerge from this unprecedented Grand Pause.

My name is Eva Cappelletti Chao.

I offer my passion and understanding as a Professional Violinist,

as well as my skills and tools as a Certified Life Coach,

to support Classical Musicians as we engage during these challenging times.

“Classical Conversations” is a virtual, ongoing invitation for Professional Classical Musicians to talk, listen, support and inspire 
in community.

For professional classical musicians this pandemic pause stinks!

Our old ways of engaging simply won’t work

We vacillate between experiencing our first break from playing for others since elementary school and bearing an unexpected grief from losing not only our life’s work, but our livelihood. 

We’ve lost our support systems, our audiences, and we can’t even go to “the office” to commiserate with our orchestral families about what we’re going through!

Our “tele-working” options are frustrating, often very musically unsatisfying, pay next-to or actually nothing, and they miss the entire magic of the live transference of energy between people and sound waves anyway. And for those of us who have gotten to mask and socially distance our way back onto some stages in chamber forms, we are limited in our presence, our repertoire and in our audience – and it doesn’t quite feel the same.

Let’s get through this time TOGETHER.

I hold an engaged space for voicing our experiences as musicians

and for inspiring new ideas for our future, to be created and heard in community,

as we navigate the many changes that Covid-19 has brought to our lives.

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I teach people to become a safe place for themselves ~
to quiet the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. 

I guide people to listen within ~
and support them to daily move in new ways connected with their own volition. 

I give people the tools to transform their whole way of understanding the world ~
and themselves.


This Pandemic paradigm shift is a tipping point of change for our entire field of the Performing Arts.

Everyone in the Performing Arts are creators of an experience.

What each of us do to support ourselves to live in integrity with our core values
matters towards the reality that we will create in this new paradigm.