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These are easy and useful videos illustrating different ways to understand Dan Siegel’s Hand Model of the Brain as a prelude to why mindfulness is so effective.

Dan Siegel Hand Model of the Brain
(Psychiatrist and Dir. of Mindsight Institute, L.A.)

The Three Main Parts Of Your Brain by Dr. Russ Harris
(teacher of ACT techniques)

HOW TO Teach Brain in the Palm of Hand to Kids
(from Sproutable parenting and teaching website)


Waking Up with Sam Harris Vol 1

A 45-second wake-up call 

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I teach people to become a safe place for themselves ~
to quiet the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. 

I guide people to listen within ~
and support them to daily move in new ways connected with their own volition. 

I give people the tools to transform their whole way of understanding the world ~
and themselves.


This Pandemic paradigm shift is a tipping point of change for our entire field of the Performing Arts.

Everyone in the Performing Arts are creators of an experience.

What each of us do to support ourselves to live in integrity with our core values
matters towards the reality that we will create in this new paradigm.